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Børge Brekke





Method of expression

Graffiti, acrylics, drawing


My name is Børge Brekke (borge61)

I am 59 y.o and I live and work

mostly in the south east part of Norway.

I am a Graffiti painter and Artist.

My life is art, always done that. No alternative.

Graffiti since 1983. I had my Classic Art education from 1995 to 2001 at Christiania Kunstakademi, Oslo. I have worked many years teatching art in workshops and still, for kids and adults in all kind of schools and groups that are interested and it is my deep satisfaction to guide those who have the same passion for art.

My greatest inspiration comes from old egyptian art, it is a crazy mystery and I wish I could have been there and see how they did it.

Exept I would be dead now, so better keep the secret.

Line, light and shadows, 3D, colours and especially photorealism is my obsession. If it’s a challenge I am happy.

When I work I am gone. A good thing because In the cold part of the year I paint buses (russebusser) for AskerFarvehandel and the garages are not always warm, clean or even nice. We are a diverce bunch of Norwegian and international well established Graffiti artists, to form a loose hard working collective. Great colleagues that love to share tips and tricks.

Some of my commissions and projects have been for:


Grunnlovsjubileet og Ringeriksjubileet, 2014, Skibladnerjubileet, Gjøvik 2016, Finansdepartementet Mulighetsrom Oslo 2016, Kilemoen Vannverk, 2017, FRES, Frederik Skarstein 2018, Burger Joint, Aker Brygge Oslo 2018, Tour of Norway, sykkelveggen Hønefoss 2019, YARA, Herøya Porsgrunn 2018, Byporten for Tronrud Eiendom, Hønefoss 2019, Graffiti på plate for Statens Kartverk, 2019, Molotow Train «Hall of Fame» Lahr, Germany 2019

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Org nr: 924 369 329
Steinsvikvegen 268, 5237 Rådal

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