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“After Hours”
by Harem

The Norwegian Nurses Organization is collaborating with PIECE BY PIECE to mark the year of nurses and midwives – 2020. Little did we know that this particular year should also become the year of the Coronavirus. A year we all will remember forever, as a time of despair, chaos, death, fear, social distancing, loneliness, insecurity, economic crisis and nothingness. Also, as a time of solidarity, love, generosity, creativity, yearning, digital connection, humbleness, gratitude and hope.

Female nurse comforting another woman sitting into the wall crying

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“Those in the front line against the corona virus”

“I painted this picture as a gesture to the nurses who are struggling extra hard now. Those in the front line against the corona virus. Anniken is one of these. She works in the intensive care unit at Oslo University Hospital. She has seven years of education to be able to do the job she does, and she is proud to be a nurse. I was not allowed to meet Anniken because it is so important that she herself is not infected. Instead, we became known over the phone, and together we composed this motif. As part of “getting to know the process”, I asked Anniken to write down the three most beautiful words she knows; gratitude, faithfulness and generosity. I have painted these words at the bottom of the picture, along with the primer.

The motiv is based on a scene from Anniken’s memory, not the way it happened, but the way she wishes it had happened. Anniken and her colleagues go with heavy contamination equipment from the start to work, until they go home. The mask makes it difficult to talk and the work pressure does not create room for interaction. The infection regime does not allow physical contact between colleagues and most patients are in a coma. Working this way is lonely, even if you are surrounded by good colleagues. One day, one of the nurses snapped under the pressure. Powerless, she took off her contagion equipment and collapsed into tears. Anniken couldn’t help but stand at least a meter away, with her mask on and wishing she could sit on her knees next to her colleague, touch her, hug her and comfort her.”


Intensive care nurses

Intensive care nurses are authorized nurses specializing in intensive care. They treat acute and critically ill patients with life-threatening and complex disease states.
Much of the work of an intensive care nurse consists of working with patients in need of continuous monitoring and care to maintain vital functions. An intensive care unit is high-tech and the profession requires the use of highly advanced medical equipment.
To become an intensive care nurse, you must first take a bachelor’s degree in nursing, work for two years as a nurse and then take a further education of at least 1.5 years. Many colleges and universities offer masters in intensive care for 2 years.

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Arne Beck Fotograf


The video «in this together» is a portrait in motion, depicting the works of the artist as layers, in a transformative journey towards understanding and knowledge. It is a tribute to the collective work of the people keeping each other safe and to the nurses standing in the frontline of a pandemic.

Sans et designselskap fra Karabin


“Karabin Sans A/S is a design company specialised in UX products and service design. Our main goal is to enhance value for our customers. We are curious, creative and always looking for new ways to measure outcome effect of any given project.

Our role in this project “The Art of Nursing” is to measure the value a piece of art can have on individuals. Experimenting using digital platforms as a channel to engage and influence people.

We believe in empowerment and people’s unique perception. Inviting people to get involved in the project by allowing them to share their emotions after experiecing “After Hours”.”
– Janniche Øyen

mojo logo


“The music is highly inspired by the deeper thoughts behind the project. It is a tribute to our heroic health care workers around the world but also a reflection of the journey many people go through from time to time. From overwhelming chaos, fear and disconnection towards connection, hope and joy.”
– And


Malin Nøss

“The movements are inspired by the feeling of confusion, being trapped, haunted -controlled by your surroundings as if you are in a mush pit, where you’re trying to fight your way out. Where is the road in the information? Where can you move, when you’re restricted?
Flowing through the despair is hope and the need for connections -touch, support, love.
We are all physical beings, and we all need touch to survive. What happens when that’s prohibited -are we then one step closer to losing our humanity, or is it now we really find it?”

– Malin Vangsnes


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