Altarpiece New

by RC

Alterpiece new by RC


  1. Mamma til to

    Er ikke sikker på om Sophie Elise har lest teksten – men det burde hun. Dette er et viktig budskap og takk Gud for at det er i samfunnsdebatten…

    • RC.

      Hei takk for kommentaren. Sophie Elise har lest teksten jeg skrev til bildet. Hun har skrevet til meg der hun sier at hun ikke er enig med bildets kritiske innhold. At hun blir «Empowered « av å vise kroppen sin. Jeg velger å tro at hun forstår at hun er en dårlig innflytelse på unge jenter, men at det nå er snakk om en merkevare, et produkt hun lever av…noe som ansvarligjør henne enda mer. Det er viktig å ta debatten.

      Hilse RC


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Photos by Arne Beck


The painting named «Altarpiece New» made by the artist RC uses images from the public Instagram account of the most prolific young female influencer in Norway today – Sophie Elise.

By adding element to the images, the artist changes the content, thus giving the images new meaning. Transforming meaning to question and comments on what such narcissistic, hyper sexualized and manufactured bodies do to us as society and individuals.

The painting’s composition is made up of three pieces, as a triptych and as an altarpiece. This creates a direct line to the influence of religious icons in early Norwegian Christian culture. Making the aphorism ‘Know thyself’ – being the projects main subject – relevant when contemplating on the ethical and moral

shift from early altarpieces to newer ones.

The artist’s intentions are not to attack individuals who show their buttocks on social media. Nor does the artist imply that a bleeding figure on a cross is a viable ethical and moral guide for today’s complex world.

The intentions of the artist are that we ask ourselves why showing private parts in real public spaces classifies as indecent exposure, would be (seen as) problematic by the general public and even fined by authorities is allowed in social media spaces.

Or why it is algorithmically ok to show a body in a certain way but not in others and why women who show their bodies in non-sexual poses and activities are increasingly censored on social platforms.

Perhaps the influencer is only a victim, just a girl under the bad influence of an unethical virtual industry who doesn’t really considers the ramifications of their policies on people’s life’s nor society in general.

RC`s painting invites the viewer to take a few steps back, interpret the underlying symbolism, read the sings and ask ; What is this new altar piece doing to us ?

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