Norsk Sykepleierforbund

by Borge61

We are all arrivals. We all arrive. And we all arrive empty handed.
Like the day we enter this world. We arrive at the doorstep of our own life. Maybe you arrived safely in Norway with the prosperity of a healthy and fulfilling life. Not everyone is so lucky. Common for us all is that we arrive and we depart this life. What happens between arrival and departure is different for us all. Our life is a narrative and we are all building our unique story that reflects our individual journey. We all face opportunities and challenges, struggles, pain, sorrow and loss. But also happiness, joy, love and beauty. It’s all there. In this project of uncertainty called life.

The midwives are there to protect us. From the time we are conceived until we arrive. During this time we are looked after by professionals with love, care and technology. So we arrive safe. And so does our journey. At the birthplace called life.

So welcome to this world – welcome to life.

Arrival by Borge61 - NSF x Piece By Piece

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Images by Arne Beck

by Mojo Soundtrack - And Lund


“This piece is a tribute to the Midwife who litterally and in the Picture is in the middle between the unborn fetus and the child who arrives in this world.
Personally I have a very real experience of how crucially important their role is to secure safe births. Their role has always been and still, will be very special and nescessary.

The title «Arrival« was chosen when we was welcomed to exhibit the painting at Gardermoen, and changed it from the original title «Delivery».
For me it made the scenery more direct and clear.

I could exclude the mother, the fainted father, blood, realstic technical surroundings and concentrate on the child arriving with only the help of the Midwife. Making the message much clearer. To arrive and be born is the start of your life in this mystery of existence that is to be a human.
Every parent will look at their newborn and wonder who this litte creature will become.
The birthday is also something special and celebrated throughout the entire life in almost all cultures.

This commission has been a real pleasure to work with when the idea first landed.
A wonderful theme I could spin my mind around in so many directions on the way.
We develop in water and are born to a watery world, the turqouise blue are my soul colours. Portrait and facial expression my favourite theme. Composition and flow of movement in pictures are my obsession. 
In this I have had it all. Much appreciated.

The technique used is Molotow premium graffiti spraypaint on wooden board. I could make it in the studio, in peace and contemplation on the subject.

The main reason I love to make graffitiart is that people can meet the art on places they do not expect. The reaction of surprice is in my experience always positive and the feedback I get is that it mean something to people. The placement and location of this work at Gardermoen is truly some of the best so far in this respect.

Much appreciated is also the smooth cooperation with all the nice people in Piecebypiece and the Midwife Sidsel Nyland who was chosen by her colleagues to be the model in the painting.

Peace and love”




Midwives educated in Norway are nurses with a two-year continuing education or a master’s degree in midwifery. Midwives use their knowledge to create a safe environment for women’s reproductive health. 

Midwives follow the pregnancy, providing care during and after childbirth for mother, baby and spouse. They have advanced knowledge about women’s health as well as sexual- and reproductive health. In order to reduce the number of unplanned pregnancies, a midwife will help with family planning and birth control. They work to ensure safe abortions and follow-up appointments. Midwives also provide pap tests and follow-up care for new mothers. 

More and more women are requesting midwives for their specific competence.



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“Karabin Sans A/S is a design company specialised in UX products and service design. Our main goal is to enhance value for our customers. We are curious, creative and always looking for new ways to measure outcome effect of any given project.

Our role in this project “The Art of Nursing” is to measure the value a piece of art can have on individuals. Experimenting using digital platforms as a channel to engage and influence people.

– Janniche Øyen

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“The music piece “Origin” is a soft celebration of a new life. The music is inspired by the portrait “Arrival” and the magical work of all midwives.”

– And


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