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Courage is the ability to control your fear in a difficult situation. A way of being that encourage heroic and brave leadership. 

The root of the word courage is cor – the Latin word for heart. Courage meant “To speak one’s mind by telling all one’s heart.” 

Be courageous and speak your heart for those voices who need to be heard. And by doing so, you’ll become  the voice of impact. 

In times of suffering, distres and pain we all need leaders with ability to lead from their core. Lead with light and with empathy. 

Emphatic leadership is  built on knowledge and competence in alignment with a bold and brave heart connected at the core.

Courage - Bjor

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“A guiding light in the darkness”

Life is fragile, many people do not think about this until a crisis is upon us. When the darkness comes and we feel hopeless, there will always be a guiding light, a way forward to a new dawn.

In my vision the light is something every person holds in their heart and is expressed with actions and words. A nurse holds a (literal) vital role in bringing that light and warmth back into people’s lives.

I wanted to present this with a real example of a person who has given incredibly much to her surroundings and the world around her; Birgitte Øverdal who was chosen by her fellow nurses. She is a nurse who has worked with both physical and mental health. A revered nurse who gives her all in every aspect of her job, a nurse that truly sees her coworkers and patients.

I was lucky enough to become part of this project that directs focus and attention to the people who`s help and support touches every single person in the world.

I salute you!

I want to thank Norsk Sykepleierforbund and Piece By Piece for the opportunity to be part of this wonderful project.

Be a light for the people in your life!


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“What is a Nursing Manager and leadership?”

Good nursing professional leadership is the ability to create a professional community where knowledge based practice, competence development and the nurses`values and development of the nursing proffesion are central.

A head of nursing must take significant responsibility for the health and care services to achieve their goals, operate professionally soundly and have good practice and must be based on regulations on management and quality improvement in health and care services.

This is done, among other things, by utilizing the individals`professional competence and abilities, and by ensuring continuous develeopment and training.

A nurse leader has the ability to do good to others, is present, available and creates openness and
A nursing manager facilitates:

  • involvement of patients, relatives, users employees, professions, units and agencies
  • utilization of financial and structural frameworks to create the best possible patient care
    development of opportunities, innovation and future perspectives

A nursing leader actively participates where decisions are made



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The music is inspired by the portrait and thoughts behind this project. A journey from being lost to light and hope. Vulnerability is a first step towards strength.

– André Lund

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Dråpe Media

We are proud to have worked with “Courage”. The artist’s interpretation of the work appeals well to our everyday lives as content creators. The courage to capture vulnerable, beautiful and memorable moments.


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