Norsk Sykepleierforbund

by RC

A human encounter. A meeting between different stories. Different narratives.

You enter those meetings. We all do.

Who are you when you enter? Are you open and curious? Do you take time to knock on the invisible door? Do you pay attention to the other person’s boundaries?

Enter is silver lining the potential outcome of a human encounter. A meeting where we allow ourselves to surrender to the moment and improvise to create our kairos. And by doing so, we are escaping time. When time disappears momentum through a pinpointed aptum enters. Like the rainbow on a sunny day.

Do you see? Magic all there. The secret is simple. You must allow yourself to be seen. Truly seen. Enter by vulnerability. Enter by empathy. And you will have created the birthplace for change, for joy, for happiness and for living wholeheartedly.

Enter by RC

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“Music is important for the creation of my works since music helps me to get in a unique flow. I often feel that jazz, classical and rock, and sometimes hip hop help me get into an intuitive, improvisational state where I am as little as possible in the way of myself. The music also makes me master to get in touch with ideas and creativity where it gives me an open mind. At the same time, it gives me an opening to be able to express myself freely. Sometimes I can play one song over and over again so that the song becomes a kind of mantra for me. A kind of mood. It’s very special, it’s almost like meditating. In the same way as meditation and painting, music creates a feeling of being in the present, of escaping both time and place. It is very physical, in the same way that a musician wants to be in one with his instrument, I become in one with both my canvas and my palette. The colors for me are like my instrument. It’s an extension of my body. The music helps me to think as little as possible. When I was young, I sat in the boys’ room and drew. Then the situation was exactly the same. To use both art and music to escape conflicts and find a room where I found myself. There is something about music and art that fills us. It creates a deeper dimension of what we experience.

Therefore, I am happy that the work will live on at Rockheim. Creating a visual work for me is the same as a musician does with different tones and notes that must come together in harmony. My affiliation with Trondheim is that my parents live in Værnes in Stjørdal, and I have good associations with the city. In the summers we usually travel to the cabin outside of Trondheim among the mountains and nature. I especially love the Nidaros Cathedral which is an incredible work of art itself both indoors and outdoors. It is a wonderful building with both a spiritual and spiritual expression. An architectural building that represents spirituality that many people have sought to go through a process of walking. It is to go – enter – to go from something to something else through a process. I like the idea of having that resistance. You have to give something to get something back. You must strive for redemption. Things that you appreciate should not come so easily, possibly.”


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Music: “Equilibrium”

by André Lund


Hertzberg Productions logo small

Hertzberg Prod.

“HertzbergProd. is a small production company with focus on challenging the creative process, to create unique projects that reflect the world today.

Rodrigo Cortez has a messy kind of orderliness to both his art and surroundings, one that while true to his own aesthetic also is inviting of momentary input. Just as the subjects in his art ache to be noticed by their true colors, Rodrigo himself ache to tell you all about them through his unique soulful expression of their being.”

– Jens Glomnes Hertzberg

Sans et designselskap fra Karabin


“Karabin Sans A/S is a design company specialised in UX products and service design. Our main goal is to enhance value for our customers. We are curious, creative and always looking for new ways to measure outcome effect of any given project.

Our role in this project “The Art of Nursing” is to measure the value a piece of art can have on individuals. Experimenting using digital platforms as a channel to engage and influence people.”

– Janniche Øyen

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“Rodrigo Cortez’s painting tools were recorded and used as percussion and atmospheres in the track, the music is also very inspired by Rodrigo’s thoughts around this project. Musically it is a journey from a dark and restless mind towards a warm celebration of all the wonderful unique human beings hidden behind drug addiction and mental health issues. “

– André Lund

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