Norsk Sykepleierforbund

by Nimi

You are my moment

Your eyes wander throughout the sterile room. I sense your fear. Is this the end, is this the moment where everything stops, is this the last I will see? Contours of life and death merge.

I catch your gaze. In the split of a moment I’m holding you tight. Just long enough for you to stay. My gaze embraces you and your vulnerability. For a moment I conquer death and fear.

That’s my job. To take care of you when you can not. I meet you in your struggle for survival, with my strength, compassion and knowledge. You are my moment.

And there we meet. You and I. In the surrender. Just as beautiful as it is tender. Rest in my care. I will protect you and take care of you. Together we will find our way to life and the safe haven we know of.

You are my moment.

Exit by Nimi - The Art of Nursing

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“My eyes closed. Stillness is the place we end up in when we no longer have control of our senses. We long for support, care and a moment to pause and have an overview of our fragile state. In that moment a light breaks through and tells us to relax, we can help you. The life ring has been thrown, the hand reached out and here is this stranger with a look on the there face that assures your fate is safe.

My portrait was one I truly enjoyed, my subject Per Christian Haugenes is an nurse anesthetist, he has been in that role since 2016. he has been working as a nurse since 2011 and is based in Christiansand. My job as an artist was to capture that look of a assurence, compassion and determination of a person who will be with you in the hardest of times, photos are not really are not a good measure of person, so when i finally met Per Christian, i understood why people liked him. i felt comfortble in his presence even though we had just met, it was easy to tell him your thoughts openly, i imagine thats what makes a great nurse. The portrait itself is displayed in Arendal his home town, ive just recently visited and have been given warm welcome.”


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Music: “Time”

by André Lund

Nurse anesthetists provide anesthesia for surgical procedures and medical interventions or examinations. In Norway, Nurse anesthetists may provide anesthesia independently in healthy patients <and patients with limited comorbidity (American Society of Anesthesiologists, ASA- classification 1-2). Nurse anesthetists work in close collaboration with anesthesiologists.

The independent role of a nurse anesthetist requires vigilance, observation-, assessment- and decision-making skills, as well as the ability to handle planned, but also complex, quickly shifting, and unpredictable patient situations.
Due to nurse anesthetists education, their knowledge and skills they are also essential members in various teams, such as cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, trauma or acute, critical illness. In addition, nurse anesthetists may work in pain clinics, day surgery units, emergency rooms and in various ambulance services. Some also work offshore, in humanitarian work or in war- and disaster areas.

To become a nurse anesthetist in Norway, you have to take a bachelor´s degree in nursing, then have at least two years of relevant clinical nursing practice, followed by a master degree in anesthesia nursing.

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“When composing the soundtrack for this piece I imagined a time crucial emergency in the hands of brilliant medical professionals saving someones life.”

– André Lund

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