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Since the ancient Greeks, humans have thrived to know themselves, hence the famous expression “Know thyself”. The concept is timeless, but in this era of constant external stimuli, how many of us take time for introspection; to reflect upon our motivations, our morals and above all; what it means to be human?

Artists that contributed to this project





Andreas Lian




Jose Alejandro




Thanks to:

Haugland Gruppen

Bergen kommune

Neumann Sandviken

COOP Obs Midtun 

Morten Sævig

Arne Beck

Roger Iversen 

Lin Stokke  

Our world is continuously changing and we are constantly challenged on our courage and our motivation. Philosophy is a continuum, can never be lost and is the prerequisite for all we do, the way we live, think and imagine our future. 

Over a period of 13 days, 13 Bergen based street artists have created a digital wall of art through the project “know yourself”. Together with Piece by Piece they are inviting the people of Bergen to join the conversation and to participate in an introspective journey. We need to stop. We need to think. And we need to critically question everything and thereby allowing ourselves to get closer to knowing ourselves and our society as a whole.

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Are you an artist and
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