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by Dish

To lose one’s marbles is to lose the ability to be present with the mental capacity you once had. Our cognitive skills are in many ways what makes us who we are, how we articulate, resonate and represent our inner self in a manner that is seen as appropriate and adequate.

Many people get dementia in later years of life. The suffering for families and loved one can be very challenging. Losing one’s marbles is like losing oneself: terrifying to imagine and to experience. That’s why we must celebrate life in all parts of our lifetime. The last chapter we write, in our book of life should be a chapter of love, memories, touch, music, arts, hugs, kisses and above all: colours.

So let’s play with our marbles! Let them tickle and shine in our minds! The marbles we thought we’d lost can be found, restored and rearranged. In a new colour scheme! With music, with a heartfelt beat, with the touch of a caring hand, with a kiss left on a cheek. The celebration of life. The celebration of love. The honouring of the magical power of a rainbow.

Roar! Painting BY DISH - Piece By Piece

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I was bestowed the honour of painting a portrait of nurse Irene Vågen . Irene works as a specialist carer for the elderly with dementia (at Luranetunet Sjukeheim). Irene is passionate about her work, and together with her colleague, Helene, they have created the ‘Eldrebrølet’ campaign for better care to be provided to the elderly, and those suffering from dementia. Speaking out for those can’t speak out for themselves.

“Roar!” is a call to her cause, painted unapologetically, in vibrant expressionist colours and exudes an explosion of energy to magnify Irene’s and Eldrebrølets roar from the top of the mountain.


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Geriatic nurses

A nurse with specialization in geriatrics and dementia is a nurse who has taken a clinical specialization / master in geriatric nursing that provides in-depth knowledge of the patient’s state of health so that health-promoting, preventive, treatment and relieving treatment can be provided.

The geriatic nurse has knowledge of the elderly’s special symptomatology and response to treatment. Observes, maps and assesses the physical, mental and social level of the geriatric patient. They also analyze consequences of health failure and consider various scientific, ethical and legal proposals for solutions. Documents the need for health care and interdisciplinary work to ensure the quality of health care.

Do you want to learn more about geriatrics?


Irene Vågen

«Eldrebrølet» wants to draw attention to the care for elderly in institutions.
In their last years of life, these people with all their life experience still deserve and need magic moments, calm and to feel safe. Everyone needs days filled with value and to be seen as a person with individual needs and desires.
People in nursing homes have many diagnoses, worn bodies and a large persentage has dementia. Therefore helth care workers has an important responsibility to help them keep their dignity and quality of life. This requires resources that we have to fight for. We must raise awareness in the society and amongst the people in charge.
We need to be the voices for the people that no longer has a voice that is strong enough to stand up for themselves.
That is why we need «The roar for the elderly» why we need «The roar for the elderly»

– Irene Vågen


Arne Beck Fotograf


“This video was created for the art of giving each other glitter in everyday life. It is a kind of wisdom, an inheritance from our common origin, to the archetypal of every human being.

Flashes of memory turn into memories, and our memories are some of the most beautiful we have. “Memories for life,” we say, when something strikes us in a profound way. In the video, the memories are symbolized by marbles. We search for each other’s experiences and dreams and are colored by each other.

For a child, a small ball can be a whole universe! It says a little about how “little” it takes to please a person. It is a task to see the little one at large. To go into how one and others experience the world. It requires will, focus and attention.

We must never forget how important it is for people to express themselves in their own way and with their individuality. That’s how we learn and that’s how we color and get colored by others. This is especially important for the elderly. That they are remembered and given the opportunity to express themselves. It is one of our most basic needs. That we can express ourselves as the people we are. We are all different marbles with different colors. Colors have no prejudice, they are what we create through ignorance.

When things go into slow motion, the magical thing happens. The emotions are connected and we observe again with a different perspective.

If we learn to value each other with time, attention and knowledge of being human, we have an unlimited capacity for goodness, but only if we seize the opportunity.”

– Arne Beck

Sans et designselskap fra Karabin


“Karabin Sans A/S is a design company specialised in UX products and service design. Our main goal is to enhance value for our customers. We are curious, creative and always looking for new ways to measure outcome effect of any given project.

Our role in this project “The Art of Nursing” is to measure the value a piece of art can have on individuals. Experimenting using digital platforms as a channel to engage and influence people.

– Janniche Øyen

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“The music is inspired by the creative team and the wonderful human beings in “Eldrebrølet” who work relentlessly for the care and dignity for the elderly. Music is deeply connected to memories through our whole life. I am honoured to make a musical memory for this heartfelt project.”
– And


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