Norsk Sykepleierforbund

The Art of Nursing

The Norwegian Nurses Organization is collaborating with PIECE BY PIECE to mark the year of nurses and midwives – 2020.

Six pieces and six cities. Each piece representing a unique narrative and present nursing as both science and art.
The science of nursing is easily noticeable, but nursing is also art.
The art of building bridges between skills, knowledge, science and the silent skillful way nurses transform these aspects into act of care.

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The video «in this together» is a portrait in motion, depicting the works of the artist as layers, in a transformative journey towards understanding and knowledge. It is a tribute to the collective work of the people keeping each other safe and to the nurses standing in the frontline of a pandemic.

Sans et designselskap fra Karabin


“Karabin Sans A/S is a design company specialised in UX products and service design. Our main goal is to enhance value for our customers. We are curious, creative and always looking for new ways to measure outcome effect of any given project.

Our role in this project “The Art of Nursing” is to measure the value a piece of art can have on individuals. Experimenting using digital platforms as a channel to engage and influence people.

We believe in empowerment and people’s unique perception. Inviting people to get involved in the project by allowing them to share their emotions after experiecing “After Hours”.”
– Janniche Øyen

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“The music is highly inspired by the deeper thoughts behind the project. It is a tribute to our heroic health care workers around the world but also a reflection of the journey many people go through from time to time. From overwhelming chaos, fear and disconnection towards connection, hope and joy.”
– André Lund

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Are you an artist and
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